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A Peyton Brooks Homicide 1 


Please note: This is a novella, not a full-length work.

Where it all began, this new Peyton Brooks series takes fans back in time to the beginning of Peyton's career with the SFPD. Peyton and Marco have solved more cases than many senior members of the San Francisco PD, yet they are still the new kids on the block, making their way in the early days of their chosen profession.


As Peyton returns from her family leave, following the death of her father, she wants nothing more than to get back to solving crimes. However, her first case, the double homicide of a prominent wine-growing couple, has brought back all of the despair she felt upon losing her father. Can Peyton put aside her own loss in order to bring justice to the Saint-Pierres?

Country Cool, City Chic, Continental Class

Family Reunion-Wisdom of the Ancestors Book 23


Fiona Lizette Lowry is a little bit country and a lot of rock-n-roll. An architect and engineer, she is caught between the comfort zone of her past and the promises of an exciting future. 

Congressman Aidan Prescott McKenna is country cool. He has been in Fiona’s life since they were toddlers in their farming community on the Chesapeake Bay on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. He is country cool and Fiona’s first lover beginning in high school.

 Musical genius and icon Maxwell Bishop Kennard, III, Trey to his friends, is a city-chic New Yorker. Fiona has agreed to design and build a home and studio for him on pristine acreage on the Chesapeake Bay shores. In order to learn more about his creative needs, she agrees to accompany him on his musical tour of Europe and Asia to places she has only dreamed about.
Continental class is Doctor Noah Mikasi - a medical doctor and former covert agent. When he & Fiona are tasked to work on a multibillion-dollar NGO project, Noah must employ all his worldly wiles to keep his distance from this intriguing woman. If he fails it could put Fiona’s life in danger.

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Cozy Mystery

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