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Book 2 of The Moon Trilogy

Breanna Perry had a relatively simple life before the night she almost died.

She went to work. Okay, she worked at San Quentin as a psychiatrist. She had a nice apartment. Okay, it was a studio in San Francisco that cost a fortune. She had romance. Okay, she had an ex-husband, and a love interest who gave her conflicting messages. And she had her family.

But all that changed when Cormac O’Shea walked into her ICU room and asked her one question: Do you want to live? Since then, Breanna’s life has been turned upside down.

At least Cassius Teran was there for her. Cassius, with his brooding personality and strange abilities; Cassius, who stood beside her when Clyde Barrow tried to blow up the BART station. But since her relationship with Derek Thorpe has progressed, Cassius has removed himself from her life.

Now Breanna has to face a future knowing that all those she loves are going to die before her. She also has to learn how to control her growing power. Until Lachlan MacGregor enters the picture and paints a future where she could have the power to do ultimate good for humanity.

It’s a seductive thought, but as Lord Acton said, “Power tends to corrupt; but absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Can Breanna resist the temptation to change the world?



Family Reunion-Wisdom of the Ancestors Book 22


Mary Ella Baker and Eric Dixon were high school sweethearts even through their days together in nursing school. Then Eric up & joins the US Army leaving Mary Ella broken-hearted in their small South Carolina town.

On the rebound, Mary Ella is ready to open her heart to a new man. When Dr. Mark Brooks is ready to return to his post with Doctors Without Borders, he refuses to leave without Mary Ella by his side.

Three years into service in war-torn countries, disaster strikes when Mark and Mary Ella are taken captive and separated in Africa by terrorists. Moments from being killed, Mary Ella is saved by one of the terrorists known as the infamous Kaseem who weds her and beds her on the same spot still warm from a liaison with Mark.

Rescued three months later, Mary Ella discovers that she is pregnant with twins. Are the babies Mark’s or Kaseem’s? Alone in the world she knows she will love them regardless of who fathered them.

Left with no other choice, Mary Ella returns to her home in Goodwill, Summer County, South Carolina, to find Eric Dixon has returned, too. A full-fledged doctor, Eric wants her back in his life.

With impending motherhood on the horizon, can she risk opening her heart to Eric again or is she now in love with someone new?

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